Jelqing Instructions

Jelqing is an exercise technique done to the penis that allows for enlargement. The term's origination is a bit sketchy, as some people believe it is from the Middle East where they supposedly teach their son's the technique, and some say it's derived from "jerking off". Regardless, jelqing is a decent (and free) way to enlarge your penis.

Step by step jelqing instructions:

If this is your first time trying jelqing, or penis enlargement for that matter, you should take measurements of your penis length and girth (circumference). Measure once every two weeks at the least. Remember, penis enlargement takes patience.

Step 1 - The Warm Up

Run warm water over a cloth, wrap it around your penis, then without the cloth getting cold keep it wrapped around your penis for about a minute or until your penis is warm throughout. You may have to run hot water over the cloth a couple of times to keep it warm. Remove the cloth and continue with jelqing (or stretching with a traction device).

Step 2 - The Main Event

This step is the main process - jelqing. It is advised to use a lubricant to help in this process, as your fingers will be moving along your penis. Your penis must be in a semi-hard state to jelq. If it's too soft or too hard, it will not work. If you're becoming aroused by the exercise, stop the exercise and wait for your penis to relax again, but don't get completely soft. To start jelqing you will form the "OK" sign with your hand, placing it at the base of your penis. As you put pressure on the penis with the "OK" sign, "milk" your penis outwards until you reach the head of the penis. If this exercise is painful, you are either squeezing too hard or you are too stiff - jelqing should not be painful.

Step 3 - The Warm Down

This process is like the warm-up process, but you will want to invest a few more minutes in this process. Simply wet a cloth with warm water and wrap it around your penis for four to five minutes. Do not let the cloth get cold, as it's vital to keep it warm. After four to five minutes, dry off your penis. This process is helping your tissue repair.

With any stretching or jelqing technique, we recommend the use of penis enlargement pills, as these aid in the development of a larger penis.

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