What is a Penis Extender?

A penis extender is a device that applies a small amount of force to the penis. The advantage to using a penis extender over other devices is that it applies a constant force. This allows for more micro-tears to take place over time in the penis which is how penis enlargement occurs. The force is applied by two springs within each rod, and elongation bars can be added depending on the length of your penis.

Common Names

The following are all names that you will see used to describe a penis extender:

  • Penis extender
  • Penis stretcher
  • Traction device

They all refer to the same type of device, but people just use different names to describe them. This can be a bit confusiong to people that are unaware of penis enlargement devices.

Parts of a Penis Extender

There are several parts that make up a penis extender, detailed below.

Strap or Silicone Noose

A strap or silicone noose keeps the penis connected to the harness (2). A strap is usually preferred over a silicone noose as it is generally a more comfortable fit.


The harness is a piece of plastic that keeps the head of the penis in place. It is also what is pushed on by the device's springs and elongation rods.

Elongation Rods

Elongation rods are used to add length to the device to achieve a proper fit. When your penis begins to get longer, you will need to add elongation rods. These come in various sizes to attain the proper fit.

Spring Bars

This part of the penis extender houses springs inside that allow the device to not only apply a constant force, but to make sure that the device fits snugly on the penis. As you can see by the illustration, the rod on the left is longer because the spring is pushing it out.

Additionally, the small nubs at the bottom rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, allowing for minor adjustments to be made to the overall tension of the device.


This is the base of the device. Your penis slides into this end first, and then you attach your penis to the harness (2) using a strap (shown as item #1) or silicone noose as sold with other penis extenders.

Suggested Usage

It is suggested that you use a penis extender for at least two hours a day. As this device is only effective when worn, the more hours you invest, the quicker you will see results. However, we recommend breaks every two hours for fifteen minutes to allow for fresh blood to enter the head of the penis, as blood flow is usually constricted due to the strap or noose.


Prices for penis extenders can range from $100 on up to $500 and more. Price depends on the quality of the item and the extra items that are included. If you would like to compare penis extenders, check out our penis extender products page.

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