Penis Pump

A penis pump is a device that creates a vacuum within a cylinder (usually acrylic) that allows for more blood to enter the penis. Originally designed for people with Erectile Dysfuntion, it has become a popular method of enlargement due to its immediate (although temporary) results. However, long term enlargement can occur with continued use.


This cylinder is placed over the penis. There are many shapes and sizes depending on how big your penis is, as well as what you want to achieve (whether you want more length or girth). If you want more length, you will want a cylinder that is the circumference of your erect penis (not under vacuum) so that it is pulled vertically instead of horizontally. Likewise, you will want a tube that's thicker than your penis if you plan to gain girth.


This is the hose that connects from the vacuum hand pump to the cylinder. There is usually a quick-connect fitting on the cylinder side of the hose.

Pressure Gauge (optional)

A pressure gauge is optional but highly recommended for those who are new to penis pumps as it is recommended to keep the pressure below a safe level (usually 10inHg/25cmHg/torr).

Squeezable Hand Grip

Most penis pumps use a hand grip to vacuum out air, although there are also other types available such as a ball pump (think of a blood pressure device), a plunger (think of a bicycle tire pump), and an electric pump.

Proper Fitting Insert (optional)

Although it is an optional piece, it is highly recommended that you use an insert at the bottom of your penis pump cylinder to initiate a proper fit. An insert with a very thick donut-like shape makes for a great seal and is also much more comfortable than applying just the cylinder against your body. The insert will also prevent the skin surrounding the base of the penis from being pulled in if the cylinder is too wide for your penis. You also don't want your scrotum to be sucked in (very painful), so again we highly recommend a proper fitting insert.

Danger Involved

Although penis pumps are fairly safe, you must make sure that you do not pump too high of a pressure or you risk damaging your penis temporarily or even permanently. If you stick to the safe levels as described in the literature that is shipped with your device, penis pumps are safe and fun to use.


Penis pumps range in price from as little as $30 for a very basic model up to $150 for one that is both comfortable and has a pressure gauge on it. Additional items such as cock rings and lubricants are usually supplied with more expensive penis pumps as well. If you're interested in reading reviews of penis pumps, check out our penis pumps comparison page.

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