The Science of Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement is possible due to micro-tears that occur to the cells within the penis during enlargement exercises. At the microscopic level we have an increase in the number of newly formed cells, which results in significant increases in tissue mass. We also observe an additional capacity of blood flow to the penis, which results in stronger and harder erections during intimacy. At the macroscopic level, we observe an increase in penile length and girth in both the flaccid and erect states.

To demonstrate how penis enlargement can occur, let's remember the Padaung tribe of Burma. The Padaung tribe is famous for their women with elongated necks. Although it is not the neck that is made any longer by these rings but rather the shoulders being pushed down over time, this is a great example of the body being able to change shape if you invest the time into it. The same can be said for those that stretch out their earlobes. We know that the earlobe can be stretched, but we can also use some common sense and know that if we tried stretching it overnight, the ear would trip and cause trauma. However, since it is done over many months of minimal gains, the process is both safe and effective.


Although it may seem that penis enlargement is a thing of recent discovery, it has been in practice for many centuries.

The fascination of having a large penis has been noted in cultures dating back to 440 BC, when cave drawings of large penises were drawn. However, actual penis enlargement techniques such as jelqing have been passed down from father to son in the Middle East for centuries.


Penis enlargement is a very safe practice as long as you follow the directions as outlined by the method you are using. For penis extenders, this is not using too much tension, and for penis pumps, you don't want to apply too much pressure (usually anything over 10inHg - a measurement of pressure - is too much).

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