Beginners Corner

Welcome to the Beginners Corner! Here we will cover the basics of penis enlargement, allowing you to get an understanding of how penis enlargement works, the different methods that can be used, and so on. If you would like to learn more about each subject, please click the appropriate links at the bottom of each section.

Anatomy of a Penis

Although there is a lot to learn about the penis, what we're most interested in is how we can enlarge the penis. The penis is an organ that's made up of tissue, muscle, veins, arteries, and nerves. With penis enlargement, we want to attack the cells that make up the penis, by forcing them to divide, which over time will result in a larger penis.
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The Science Behind Penis Enlargement

The way penis enlargement works is not by magic, but by simple physics. If you place a force on an object, a reaction will occur. In the case of penis enlargement, if you place a small force on your penis, over time there will be results. The reason this occurs is because as the small force is applied to the penis, cellular division is taking place due to small micro-tears in the penis. The best analogy that can be given is when bodybuilders workout they are doing the exact same thing to the muscles in their body. It's these micro-tears to the cells that require the body to rebuild the tissue, thus over time creating a larger penis (or for bodybuilders, larger muscles).
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Types of Penis Enlargement

This is the bread and butter section of our Beginners Guide, allowing you to decide on which method of penis enlargement you are most comfortable with. There are many ways to obtain a larger penis, from very safe methods to some more dangerous methods. Safe methods include techniques like jelqing and penis extenders, and dangerous methods include weights and surgery.

Safe Methods

Detailed below are the various types of penis enlargement that we feel is safest to use.

Potentially Dangerous Methods

Safety of the following enlargement methods falls in the hands of the individual, as most of the methods are safe, but only if the individual does not try too hard to get immediate results (aside from surgery, which still scares the crap out of us). As with all products and procedures, ALWAYS follow proper directions.

  • Penis Pumps - A device that creates a vacuum within a cylinder (usually acrylic) that allows for more blood to enter the penis. Originally designed for people with Erectile Dysfuntion, it has become a popular method of enlargement due to its immediate (although temporary) results. However, long term enlargement can occur with continued use. Read more about penis pumps.
  • Weights - Weights of various mass are hung from the penis. This is similar to penis extenders in that a constant force is applied to the penis, although weights require more caution. Read more about weights.
  • Surgery - Invasive surgery in which the penis is enlargemd by having body fat injected into the penis Read more about surgery.


Penis enlargement takes time to achieve results. If you're not willing to actively spend a minimum of six months with a program, don't even bother wasting your time or money. Unfortunately, advertisements make people think that penis enlargement is an overnight success - it's not. If you invest enough time into it though, you WILL see results.