Dr Joel Kaplan Penis Pump System

Product Description:

The Dr. Joel Kaplan Penis Pump System is a complete penis pump system consisting of a high quality high pressure metal vacuum pump with EZ grip padded handles, professional vacuum gauge, flanged clear cylinder, non-crimping flexible hose, universal interlocking male and female connectors, quick disconnect valve, and a hygienically superior silicone vacuum seal.

Our Thoughts:

The Dr. Joel Penis Pump System is a fantastic package for beginners or veterans. The Dr. Joel Penis Pump System provides you with a high quality hand pump with a pressure gauge for easy reading, perfect for those that are just beginning their enlargement journey. It is important to not apply too much negative pressure, which is why it is very handy to have a penis pump that can show you just how much pressure is being applied.


The sleeve that comes with the product is alright, although we feel there should be more sleeves available in this package due to the price.

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